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Why are telemedicine consultations beneficial?

1. Save Time: There’s no need to take the time to drive to a physician’s office, wait in traffic, then wait in the waiting room before finally visiting with a physician. Your telemedicine consultation happens on your schedule, from the comfort of your home.

2. Save Money: You won’t pay expensive physician’s fees for the treatment of a condition that is most likely not covered by insurance. You won’t pay for gas, tolls, or babysitters. Telemedicine consults are a flat fee that often cost less than most co-pays.

3. Save Face: Gone are the days that you’d have to experiment and hope for the best with over-the-counter (OTC) products that too often didn’t work or irritated your skin. You don’t need to avoid treatment because you’re embarrassed, or deal with the frustration of waiting lists just to get an appointment. Telemedicine appointments are immediate, completely private and get you started on safe and effective treatment plans right away.

We are here to help: Our helpful ... staff is available via phone, chat, email or text to answer your questions and help you feel better today! A telemedicine appointment with a ... physician is quick and efficient.

What is a telemedicine consultation like?

A telemedicine consultation takes less than 5 minutes. We will ask you to complete a medical intake form that is a series of questions pertaining to your medical concern and your medical history. Then, you’ll need to upload photos of your area of concern. The physician will review your information, your photos and create a treatment plan that is specific to your needs.

What is included with my consultation?

Your consultation includes a diagnosis of your medical concern by one of our board-certified physicians and a treatment plan that is developed specifically for you. This treatment plan may include over-the-counter medications, physician-grade medications, and/or a prescription, depending upon the recommendation of the physician. If your state requires a face-to-face video consultation, that will also be included in your consultation.

What happens after I complete my consultation/Intake Form?

The ... nurses will review your patient chart for completeness and clarity. If we need more information, we will contact you via email, phone or text to obtain the additional information to ensure the ... physician can accurately diagnose your medical concern and develop your treatment plan. Once the physician diagnoses and develops your treatment plan, you will be notified that your plan is ready for your review.

If we need to book a face-to-face video consultation between you and the physician, our medical assistant will contact you to set up the consultation between you and your physician.

The physician typically takes 24 hours to review your chart and develop your treatment plan.

Who is doing my consultation?

Your consultation will be handled by a board-certified physician or dermatologist who is licensed to treat you in your respective state.

How do I send you pictures?

You can use a smartphone, digital camera or your webcam to take a photo of your area of concern. If you have challenges uploading your photos, please don’t hesitate to call or online chat with one of our client care team members. We are here to help!

How do I set up a video consult?

In the event of a required video consultation, we will provide you with the quickest way to reach the doctor or medical assistant. We understand that every patient's situation and availability is different, so we have a few options based on the patient and doctor's discretion.

How long does it take to receive my treatment plan from the doctor?

In most cases, once we have all of the medical information needed to provide you an accurate diagnosis, the... physician will provide you with your treatment plan within one business day.