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What Is Telemedicine

What are the benefits of Telemedicine?

Telemedicine has the power to overcome typical geographical barriers to Healthcare access, and it makes the entire healthcare delivery model more convenient to patients. With telemedicine, a hospital can instantly gain access to licensed doctors thus making it easy for primary care doctors to consult medical specialists on a patient with rare diseases no matter what their location is. It is especially convenient for people residing in third world countries, or those facing emergencies in remote areas like ships, airplanes, Antarctic, mountainous areas and battlefield to acquire medical care through online doctors. It is especially beneficial in treating elderly patients and prisoners whose mobility might prove risky.

​ Getting treatment by telemedicine doctors turns out to be valuable as healthcare professionals in multiple locations can share information and discuss patient issues and collaborate to provide prescriptions online. It also makes the follow-up with patients easier as online doctors can make sure everything is going well.

​ Patients can face healthcare issues promptly with real-time urgent medical consultations and learn about treatment options instantly. This timely treatment option reduces travel time and having to wait for long periods of time for appointment schedules.

​ Another reason why telemedicine is convenient is that is significantly reduces healthcare service costs for the patients, doctors as well as for the insurance companies. In turn it also drives up the practice efficiency and total revenue generated.

​ Telemedicine works best for patients seeking basic care and easily-diagnoses and it can also help the online doctor to decide whether in-person follow-up is required. Patients can also log in and forward information, inspect their files, and request appointments at any time of the day or night and not just during specified receptionist hours. Telemedicine enables the patients to access their patient file in a secure account and to update it whenever considered essential.

​ Telemedicine should be adopted to eliminate the potential transmission of infectious diseases or parasites between patients and medical professionals. This is particularly helpful in cases of contagious or uncomfortable diseases. It is better suited for those patients who feel uncomfortable in a doctor’s office and puts them at ease.

​ Telemedicine has a unique capacity to deliver service to millions of new patients. It also helps in reducing or shortening the span of hospital stays.