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When life becomes too busy (when doesn't it?) personal health can easily slip to second or third place. The impact is far-reaching. Putting off routine checkups or not continuing care for chronic illnesses, can quickly take a toll on your family, friends and even jeopardize your personal economic stability. That's a problem requiring a solution. The answer is MyMdConsult. Powered by our cloud-based telehealth system and backed by a team of board-certified physicians, we're changing the face of healthcare.

MyMdConsult puts board-certified physicians at your “fingertips.” Around-the-clock affordable, easy and private access to real doctors who make “virtual house calls” empowers you to take control of your health.

Our dynamic on-boarding medical assessment makes providing key information easy and confidential. Simply create a free account and request a consultation from any one of our doctors with expertise in your medical issue and licensed in your state. Your case will be reviewed in-depth for an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan. Don’t worry “in-depth” does not mean time-consuming and complicated. The process is fast and efficient with secure and private messaging capability between you and your doctor.

Your Only Job Is To Get Better

Once you complete your consult, there's nothing left for you to do except get better. We're with you every step of the way. We handle prescription medicine and lab visits for you seamlessly. We'll send the prescription to your pharmacy of choice and have it shipped directly to you. When necessary, MyMdConsult medical providers arrange lab visits, obtain results and contact you for further diagnosis and a customized treatment plan.

What to Expect

Take Control of Your Health

Our easy-to-use HIPAA-compliant telehealth technology puts a team of board certified physicians at your “fingertips.” Connect with doctors instantly whenever or wherever you are. Around-the-clock online access to real doctors who make “virtual house calls” empowers you to take control of your health.

Driven by decades of experience and deep compassion for patients, MyMdConsult doctors believe quality healthcare should be within everyone’s reach, regardless of their circumstances. Their partnership with MyMdConsult’s cloud-based portal serves more than patients with busy schedules and economic difficulties. Virtual care, available 24/7 online can assist patients living in remote, mountainous and extreme climate zones. Easy and low-cost access to board certified physicians and medical specialists opens the door for diagnosis and treatment for elderly and populations with limited mobility or minimal-to-no transportation. MyMdConsult is revolutionizing medical care, and we’re proud!

Each member of MyMdConsult’s team of board-certified physicians specialize in diverse medical conditions, but they also share a lot in common. They dedicate their life’s work to treating and caring for patients. They offer volunteer medical services in their community and around the world. Delivering healthcare diagnoses and treatments that create long-lasting impactful results in each patient’s life motivates them professionally and personally. Our team of specialists include board-certified physicians in dermatology, nuclear medicine, plastic and reconstructive surgery, women's health, male sexual health, pain management, internal and family medicine, and much more.

Medical Care on Your Schedule

MyMdConsult physicians treat you as an individual, according to your unique situation. Part of this means fitting into your schedule. When a doctor's visit is uncomplicated and accesible, overall wellness is finally acheivable. Preventative medicine and healthy lifestyle choices will become part of your everyday life.

Our physicians use a holistic approach that’s backed by trusted medical protocol - just without the hassle and unnecessary expense.

Personalized medicine from MyMdConsult doctors mean looking at individual circumstances that impact overall health. An in-depth approach may include asking questions such as:

When any of the above apply, MyMdConsult physicians take the extra step. They may request additional medical records, research your area to make a referral if an in-person visit is necessary, or advise you to visit a lab and then analyze the results. Our providers follow up with you and some are even available for video consults.

“Feeling better” often means just being able to get out of bed in the morning or “making it through the the day.” That's just the first step. Why not LEAP to overall wellness and a more fulfilling life with the help of MyMdConsult and our board-certified medical providers.

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